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Angela Marie Franco inspires people to bring more love and respect into your life through fun, interactive workshops. Angela started her career as a graphic designer, and then moved onto agency owner, corporate marketing manager and copywriter. As an advocate of lifelong continuing education, she is dedicated to healthy eating, bonded relationships and a green, sustainable environment.


Influenced by her parents and grandmother, who came from a family business in hospitality, Franco saw the need to heighten awareness for social manners. While raising her own three children, she sought a groundwork for common courtesy, respect for oneself and others, self-reliance and vibrant learning.

In 2004 she founded “The Table Manners Coach” – a service that offers American table manners training for children and adults. Today as an author, motivational speaker and instructor, she travels to schools and organizations teaching her new workshop series entitled “Bonding Through Dining.” Franco lives in Staten Island, New York with her husband and has three adult children, all of whom have impeccable manners.

For book distribution or speaking engagements contact Angela directly at angelamariefranco@gmail.com or call 917-658-7223


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