Family Bonding Practices

How wonderful it would be to have your family gathered for dinner time, helping to prepare food, taking turns setting the table, enjoying each others’ company and working together like a bonded team. Now your family and friends can experience this real-life joy by attending a Bonding Through Dining Workshop. For Ages Three Through Adult

For Ages 3 to Adult…

Each fun, interactive workshop offers practical, everyday tips and solutions for comfort in any social situation. The session helps to build poise and self confidence, fosters respectful behaviors and is fun for the entire family. Classes are as follows:

  1. Bonding Through Dining – a Family Experience for Parents

  2. American Table Manners and Bonding Through Dining for Children

  3. Team Building Exercises at Dinnertime – Everyone Pitches In

  4. Business Manners for Adults – How to Make a Good First Impression

  5. Cocktail Party Manners for Adults – How to Converse with Someone New

Each workshop is for a maximum of 15 people. Price includes a 45 minute session plus print edition of The Table Manners Coach.