The Table Manners Coach was written to help people of all ages

Anyone who wants to learn about table manners or how to improve them.It is not a book of rules, but one of common sense guidelines, whether you are having lunch with your boss, your friends, family or strangers – no matter where you are or who you are with. This perspective is fashioned from American table manners to help citizens make good decisions in any dining situation.

The Table Manners Coach Book


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Call 917-658-7223 for special discount pricing for k-12 students.

WBENC Certified, DOE approved.

$49.00 Per Person

For groups up to 15 attendees, call for special discount. 
All workshops include a printed copy of "The Table Manners Coach" book.

Topics – choose one:
a. Bonding Through Dining for Parents
b. Table Manners and Bonding Through Dining for Children
c. Business Manners for Adults
d. Cocktail Party Manners for Adults




Bonding Through Dining ™
Workshop For Parents

Bonding Through Dining ™
Workshop for Children

Business Manners
Workshop for Adults

Cocktail Party Manners
Workshop for Adults

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